Fusion Food: Say Hello to the Unique Culinary Trend of Today

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Fusion Food is a trend that has gained popularity among chefs and food enthusiasts around the world. At different times, chefs create dishes based on this trend in different ways. Let’s delve into this culinary movement through the following article.

Fusion Food, What is it?

This concept refers to dishes that are prepared by blending traditional and modern cuisines from various countries and cultures. Simply put, Fusion Food combines elements such as ingredients, cooking methods, and spices from different countries to create a new dish that is both familiar and innovative. The variation aims to provide unique experiences for diners.

Chefs began using the Fusion Food trend in the 1970s. However, it took another 20 years for this trend to become globally popular and gain the favor of both chefs and diners.

Fusion Food does not adhere to specific cooking principles or styles. This is what makes it unique and brings exciting changes to the culinary world. However, sometimes this trend still applies certain principles, such as using traditional dishes from a specific country but incorporating spices or ingredients from other countries.

Fusion Food là gì
Fusion Food – A unique culinary trend that is both familiar and innovative

Famous Dishes in the Fusion Food Movement

Fusion Food is currently one of the most popular culinary trends worldwide. Some famous dishes in this movement include Pacific Rim cuisine and Tex-Mex cuisine (which combines traditional Mexican dishes with Spanish cuisine). Chefs rely on the characteristics of each ingredient and the taste preferences of each region and country to create unique dishes from all around the world.

A famous dish in the Fusion Food trend is Taco Pizza. It is a perfect combination of American and Italian cuisine. This pizza is prepared with both familiar and new ingredients, such as Cheddar cheese, pepper, salsa sauce, fried beans, and other taco components. Taco pizza is a unique combination of ingredients and cooking methods from the southwestern region of the United States and Mexico. This is commonly known as Tex-Mex cuisine.

In England, Fusion Cuisine incorporates French, Belgian, and Jewish cuisine, as exemplified by Fish and Chips. Other unique variations include curry with Basmati rice, cheese, and Salsa sauce served with Spanish rice, and black noodles with curry fish.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips – A unique fusion food in British cuisine

Chefs’ Reactions to the Fusion Food Trend

The innovative nature of Fusion Cuisine makes each dish look like a piece of art, concealing a story, talent, and creativity within the chef. However, in order to create a perfect new dish based on a traditional one, chefs must truly understand the culinary traditions of different countries.

Many chefs spend time exploring and experiencing various cuisines around the world. They then contemplate, summarize, and create a fusion dish that bears their personal signature while still maintaining the original taste of the dish.

However, not all chefs successfully apply this culinary trend. In some cases, chefs have gone overboard and created “over-the-top” dishes that result in a clash of flavors in their own Fusion Food creations.

Therefore, when chefs are determined to implement and pursue the Fusion Food trend, they need to have a deep understanding of the culinary traditions of each country. At the same time, they must have a thorough understanding of the ingredients, flavors, and especially the exquisite taste required to create their unique Fusion Food.

Đầu bếp chế biến fusion food
Chefs must have an understanding of the culinary traditions of each region as well as the ingredients and flavors in order to create their own unique Fusion Food

Fusion Food in Vietnam

Fusion Food, like a storm, has swept through the world’s culinary scene, and Vietnam is no exception. There are now many famous restaurants that have caught onto this trend and created unique dishes with a distinctive fusion style.

For example, wine is now used in Vietnamese cuisine, as seen in the combination of white wine with bamboo shoot salad instead of traditional Vietnamese fish sauce. Additionally, Western spices such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and bay leaves are used in the creation of Vietnamese dishes.

Some of the Fusion Food dishes that are currently making waves in Vietnam include:

Pho Burger by McDonald’s

After introducing popular Vietnamese dishes such as iced milk coffee and crispy fried chicken, McDonald’s has recently unveiled a unique combination: the Pho Burger, which blends the iconic Vietnamese dish with the long-standing Western burger.

Starting from the “Vietnamese Flavor Inspiration by McDonald’s 2020” contest, Hanoi’s Pho surpassed two strong competitors, Saigon broken rice and Hue beef noodle soup, to appear on the list. This is not the first time that Vietnamese pho has been incorporated into Western cuisine.

The unique aspect of this dish lies in the separate production of the buns for the Pho Burger. When you take a bite, you will experience a crispy and chewy bun. Although it is called a burger, the reality is that the English Muffin bread used is a soft, British-style baked bread. Between the bun, there are two delicious Australian beef patties, crispy golden fried eggs, onions, coriander, and mint. The highlight of this burger is the Pho sauce made from ingredients that are typically used in Vietnamese Pho broth. The sauce has a rich aroma and the distinctive Northern Pho flavor from Hanoi.

$100 USD Banh Mi at Anan Saigon Restaurant

When it comes to leading restaurants in the Fusion Food trend in Vietnam, Anan Saigon cannot be overlooked. It is one of the four Michelin-starred restaurants in Vietnam. One of their standout Fusion Cuisine dishes is the $100 Banh Mi.

It can be said that the Banh Mi at Anan Saigon is one of the most expensive sandwiches in the world. The high price is due to the quality ingredients used. Chef Peter Cường Franklin incorporates premium ingredients such as truffle mushroom sauce, foie gras, grilled pork ribs, caviar fish eggs, all prepared according to a special recipe.

For each Banh Mi, the restaurant uses up to four pieces of foie gras, with each piece weighing about 40g. The foie gras is cooked by searing it to render the fat. The chef then uses this fat to evenly drizzle over the bread. The pork ribs are cooked using the Sous Vide method, which means they are vacuum-sealed and slow-cooked at low temperatures for about 6 hours. As a result, the meat becomes tender and juicy while still retaining its unique flavor. Additionally, the chefs add herbs like cilantro, mint, cucumber, and peppermint for both decoration and to prevent the sandwich from being greasy.

The sandwich is divided into smaller portions so that everyone can easily enjoy it. One Banh Mi can be shared by 2-3 people. Moreover, if you choose the premium dining option, the Banh Mi can be enjoyed with sturgeon caviar, fried sweet potatoes, or complimentary sparkling wine, depending on your preference.

Fusion Food in Vietnam
$100 Banh Mi is a unique Fusion Food that follows the trend in Vietnam

The Fusion Food trend will continue to grow stronger in the future. This will be an opportunity for chefs to showcase their skills and creativity by creating unique and unparalleled dishes, providing diners with new and exciting culinary experiences.

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